Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blog start up Round 2

Hello again. I started a blog a couple of years ago and, just as I feared, it wasn't long before it was cast aside as "things" cropped up and got in the way. This time around, well, who knows what will happen. I have always had mixed feelings about journaling. I usually wrote in a diary or journaled when I felt bad about something or wanted to complain and whine. It was a place to vent my anger or sadness without troubling my friends...which I usually did anyway (Thanks for putting up with me everyone!). Every time I looked back at them, I felt petulant or self-indulgent, so I dropped them, but as I look at those old posts (all 13 of them), I realize that I have some things to say and maybe, just maybe, someone else out there might want to read it.

I want to share the silly, creative, intelligent, challenging things my kiddos do. I want to share bits of inspiration that moves me. I want to challenge myself and others to be do more.

So here it is...again. Feel free to share with your friends if you like. Comments are always welcome and if this only goes as far as my immediate family, well, that's ok too

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