Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm Here!! I'm in here!!

Any idea where that movie quote comes from? It's from The Money Pit starring Shelly Long and Tom Hanks. Tom's character has fallen through a hole in the floor and is stuck in a rug....My sister and I laugh hysterically every time we see that movie and that particular line is used in high frequency between the two of us. is that relevant? I suppose the explanation of the movie line is a bit over kill, so that part isn't relevant at all. What is relevant is that I am still here...still full of ideas and wishes. I'm just running a little short on time.

Today I would like to spot light a completely adorable blog. Pure and Lovely is a design, style, crafty, journal blog that has become a staple for me. Ashley and her super cute family are creating a charmed life full of creativity and inspiration. I look forward to seeing what she and her fam are up to and what cute bits of craftiness I can swoon over.

Someday I might actually have a a few people who read this blog and I want them to know about Pure and Lovely.
Now selfishly, I have to tell you that I get to put another entry into her fantabulous give away for a dress from Shabby Apple. By blogging about Ashley and her CA-UTE blog and this give way, I get and extra entry BUT...that does not in anyway diminish my affection for her.

Here is where my bloggy naivete is really going to shine....I would love to post a picture of the adorable dress that, coincidentally, I would look smashing in, but I have no earthly idea how to do it. If you stumble upon this tiny corner of the internet world and have any suggestions for me, I would be most appreciative.

I do, however, know how to post a picture from my own files and, since it's been awhile since I've been around, it would be a shame not to share my current favorite snap shot of my sweet baby boy. I could just gobble up those cheeks!

Happy Friday!

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