Monday, February 7, 2011

God is good. All the time.

Well it seems I can't even manage a blog post once a week at the moment. I seem to have a bad habit of jumping into things, making grad proclaimations about how "I really am going to stick with it this time and this time" and then letting life interupt me, and, boy is life interupting me right now.

Have you ever felt like you were at a crossroads? I certainly feel that way now. It feels as if my whole existence is at a tipping point. I don't want to bother you with the details. You...that's kind of funny since no one is actually reading this yet. I guess "you" is me and I certainly don't want to bother myself with the details...I remember them just fine. Where was I? Oh, yeah....tipping point.

One very important door slammed shut for me this week and I am currently searching for the window that should be opening any day now as a result of this very loud, very rude and very uncalled for slam. One big decision is where to go from here. Do I want to stay in education or is it time to branch out to other things.

Some days I feel all kinds of creativity and optimism bubbling out of every inch of me. Other days, though, I feel like a wet rag all wrung out...not one drop of water left to squeeze out. This week has wrung me out. From a new phone (my barely year old one crapped out) to new internet service (a day of my life sucked away that I will never be able to reclaim) I don't feel any ounce of creativity or optimism. I feel defeated. I feel frustrated. Yet, I still feel hopeful.

I just keep telling myself God is good all the time. God is good ALL the time.

God is good through students with 8th grade-itis. God is good through unfair, bullheaded bosses. God is good through technical support agents who make simple internet set up hard. God is good through bad customer service.

God is good ALL THE TIME.

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