Saturday, January 15, 2011

Before and After #1

I decided to begin my before and after journey with my desk area. When we found out we were preggers, we had to clean out the junk to make way for the baby. A giant desk and credenza full o stuff had to find a home. The pieces of furniture made there way to greener pastures and all the stuff was pared down and put away as best as we could. One quick fix solution was to get a regular 6' table and put a table cloth on it. That way boxes could be put under it. There were still many random items that didn't have a place so they just sat on the table. This before pictures tells a sad tale:

so...first, I o poligize big time for the photography. I am learning...slowly. Moving on! The table is a mess (and this is sorta picked up). Nothing is hung on the wall, a wire basket is full of clutter, randomness galore! The funky, beat up box came from my great-grandfather's barber shop. I tried to get most of the dirt off, but it was starting to take off all the wonderful crackly paint too, so I decided to just let it be.

Well....isn't that much nicer? I hung the cool piece of ceiling tin put loose papers in the red magazine holders and made the wire basket more functional. The picture doesn't do it justice. Everything seems so tiny...and yellow. The caramel walls, the single overhead light, the yellow based table cloth makes for a crappy picture. I promise it looks better in person.

There is still much to be done. What you don't see (or see well) is the lamp that desperately needs a good coat of paint and a new shade. I hope to have an after, after update and, Lord willing, the photography will be better too!

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